Goods for going places

We are a group of product designers-turned-entrepreneurs who share a desire to make the best travel and lifestyle products out there. In 2016, we banded together to form viavia to bring our ideas to life. We operate out of our studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our goal is to create products that improve your life through good design, no matter where you’re headed.

Why silicone?

Our products are primarily silicone-based to be easy on the earth and tough enough to handle the wear and tear of travel.


Silicone is tough and long-lasting. The less you replace, the less you waste.


As silicone degrades, it won’t leach toxins into the environment nor break down into small pieces that could be harmful to wildlife.


Many facilities will accept and recycle silicone products.


Silicone is primarily composed of sand, reducing the amount of fossil fuels consumed in production.